New Courses in Production

Our portfolio of courses is never complete. We are always producing new courses to meet the ever-changing demands of our learners, teachers and the impossible curriculum.

To furnish you all with as much as we can to get you the best grades. Here is a list of what we are producing and when we expect to publish each course.

King Lear

Production will begin once the final modules have been added to the Hamlet and Macbeth courses. We anticipate this to be around March 15th, so expect to have the first set of modules published by Easter, with the complete course online in the first two weeks of April.

Study Skills and Revision

This will consist of three short modules.

  1. The Examination ToolKit – A simple guide to understanding what the examiners are looking for. How to manage time in an exam.
  2. Reading, Comprehension & Critical Thinking. –  This will include past exam questions, quizzes and practice.
  3. Revision – Memorising techniques, mind mapping, managing stress. –  This will include mind mapping templates, past exam questions, quizzes and practice.

This will be published by the end of April.

Poetry Toolkit

Three short modules:

  1. How to engage with poetry
  2. Poetic Devices
  3. Interpretting what you do not understand