SPHE/PSHE Courses Coming Soon

We have a busy production schedule ahead of us. Keeping up with the Joneses curricular changes, technology and the artificial intelligence apocalypse is no joke, but we are doing it. We are excited to start working on our own contribution to the SPHE/PSHE learning and teaching experience. For those who are familiar with my in-school workshops, this is very personal to me. As part of my poetry and creative projects, I have spent the last five years teaching students about the power of language and the powerful role it plays empowering misogyny and exclusion. The new course will include:

  • LGBTQ+ Literacy
  • Masculinity and the Power of Vulnerability
  • Navigating Identity & Diversity
  • The Language of Exclusion
  • Writing Meditations
  • The Hero’s Journey & The Teenage Experience
  • Sticks and Stones – May Break Your Bones, but Words Will Break Your Heart

As ever, we hope to make these tutorials, not just engaging and fun, but inspiring and powerful.

So watch this space.